1st International Skydiving 16-way Double-Event has ended

The 1st International Skydiving 16-way Double-Event — the first ever hybrid skydiving event organized under the auspices of EASA (Eurasian Skydiving Association), which took place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai from January 15 to 28, ended at the weekend. 16-way teams participated in the competition.
This event is unique and the first in the history of skydiving to be held in such a hybrid format: flights and jumps have never been combined under the auspices of one event before. Usually such competitions are held separately, and different competitors may be the leaders in them, even if the disciplines are identical.
According to representatives of EASA, the organizers of the event, the event will be held on an annual basis.
Teams from five countries took part in the competition: Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Kazakhstan, the UAE and the USA. Team from Russia won an absolute victory, taking first place both in the overall and in each of the stages of the competition: wind tunnel and jump parts of the event.
The event was held under the auspices of the Eurasian Skydiving Association (EASA), an international organization created with the help and support of the Federation of parachute sport of Russia in 2023 to strengthen and develop international relations in skydiving. EASA is an open organization and aims to unite countries and athletes from all continents.
EASA President — Andrey Barabash, who is also the President of the Federation of parachute sport of Russia and a current skydiver competing in the 8—way and 16-way teams:
"We held this event in the so-called test format. It was important for us to show the international community that we are open to any interaction and want sport to remain exclusively a sport: honest, friendly, competitive and unifying.

EASA is not going against anyone, it is moving in parallel. And next year we are convinced that even more countries will join this event. In addition, we plan to expand the sports program and hold competitions in several more disciplines within the framework of one competition. So next year we are waiting for the expansion of the participants!"
The official partner of the event is H1 Strategic Relations Management Abu Dhabi (H1).